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GERMICIDAL DISINFECTANT CLEANER - MARK3 Mycolio Disinfectant Wipes Tub - 6" x 7", 160 Wipes/Pk.
2oz Concentrate + Empty Gallon Bottle for Mixing (2oz concentrate makes 1 gallon of cleaner)
These products are designed for cleaning and disinfecting in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care institutions. Also good for food processing, food service, commercial, institutional and home use.

Hospital level disinfectant
CDC Approved
EPA Registered
Kills SARS associated with Coronavirus
Easy to mix – Just add water
Water based products won’t damage furniture
Can be used with fogger machines

Mycolio Disinfectant Weipes Tub - 6" x 7", 160 Wipes/Pk. Effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B (DHBV) and Hepatitis C (BVDV). Low lint, heavy duty, non-woven, pre-saturated wipes. May be used on a multitude of non porous hard surfaces to inactivate a broad spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms - Bactericide, Virucide, Tuberculocide and Fungicide and at the same time also gentle enough to use on dental chairs. 1,2,3, Minute Contact Time!